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  • Single Cube Sugar Wrapping and Packaging Machine BSM-240-OT

Single Cube Sugar Wrapping and Packaging Machine BSM-240-OT

Tekli Sarma Makinası

BSM-240-OT Single Cube Sugar Wrapping and Packaging Machine

  • Machine dimensions (width/height/higth) 1450.2200.800 (mm)
  • 5.7 " touch screen
  • PLC control system
  • Digital counter
  • Digital tachometer to show capable of working
  • AC speed controller
  • Automatic stop when the desired number is reached
  • Servo motor system with excellent photocell adjustment
  • Automatic magazine feeding system (Single or dual system)
  • Ability to control disk group and jaw group separately
  • Dish vibration feed system
  • 280-350 ad per minute./min. wrapping capacity
  • All made of 304 quality stainless steel body
  • Capacity 280-350 (pcs/min)
  • Weight 650 Kg
  • Total Power 3 kw
  • Key and spare parts required in use
  • Free operator training
  • One-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Moving the cube sugar poured into the vibration in a lined form, it takes the carrier pallets single or double by means of conveyor, wraps the packaging paper viewed from the upper magazine part out of the cube sugar, sticks and coats with the heat aid and the bottom discs.. The folded packaging is glued with the help of a chin and the cube sugar is sized and cut. It works synchronously with the system test. The capacity of machine is 280 to 350 wraps per minute. The machine works with the PLC (automation) system. Delivery terms- the manufacturer fabric dlivery.