Double Wrapping

BSM - 240 OS type cube sugar, two winding machines, fully automatic work cube of sugar in twos wrapping paper and packaging, disk space and the four operations that are bundled and pasted the output ironing conveyor into a mechanically and electronically controlled machine. All mechanical movements are circular and the origin of the continuous flow of wrapping paper into the system in case of mechanical failure of the system in sync time and allow the higher one is in the packaging. Two cubes of sugar regulating system is magnetic vibrator. Capacity: 240 / min

Double cube sugar wrapping machine specifications:

Machine Capacity 120 pieces per minute, dual winding
Motor Power 0.75 KW, 220 A W: C:
Bonding Our machine cold glue is applied
Sugar ways heater 600 Watt, 250 Volt
Control System paper drawing, cutting, wrapping and mechanical processing, machine speed is controlled by the controller.
One winding  Machines minutes wrapped sugar of 120 pair, and the evolution of sugar is 240.
Paper consumption 1kg of sugar for about 15 gr. in turn. 750 gr. The 10 grams of sugar in the winding. Consumption of paper is made.