12 Ton Full Automatic Cube Sugar Machines

Automatic Pressing

BSM 472 - OR Type of full automatic cube sugar pressing unit mixer, water dosing apparatus, mould feeder, pressing drum along with the main reducer is on the combined chassis as compact. The pressing drum, mould feeder and the press bridge automatic are driven over the main reducer by a single motor. Capacity:12500 - 14000 boxes/day

Type BSM / KO – 1 
Capacity 12 500 box /day
Cylinder diameter 472 mm
Pattern number (18 slice , 16 pattern) optional
sugar number on one row 15
sugar measurements 11,1 x 13,5 (can change)
weight in grams settings with display panel (can change)
Pattern arm 14 bronze
Patterns Aisi 304
Arms A1 – Bronze
Cycle rpm 12,5 – 13 rpm
main reductor 3 output
main motor 2, 2 kw 900 dv. 7 dk. 380 V. three phase
Sugar Filling eyes 4 full synchronic
Mixer 0,37 kw. 60 dv. / dk.
Dosage Pump 0 – 16lit / h
Conveyor Reductor On main frame , 0.25 kw 6 rpm
band Cycle Diameter200 chain gear transfer

Automatic Filling Robot

ODR-047E Type of automatic cube sugar filling robots which make the cube sugar coming on the drying conveyor in blocks and make 3 fillings one after another into each box coming from the empty box conveyor and convey them to the full box conveyor, are full automatic electronic command machines with servo motor driven. ODR-047M type of filling robots are designed completely mechanic. Capacity:12500 - 14000 boxes/day

frame part of machine ST 37
Magazine side consist of st 37 and imç
Receiver side consist of fully European
All of redactors are yılmaz reductor.
Pneumatic organization is Europe

Box Making

BSM-KY Type of box making machines are full automatic machines taking the printed and cut cartoons from the magazine by vacuum and formed them in the mould and make boxes and convey them to the empty box conveyor.The Capacity:18000 boxes/day.

Type BSM/ KO-K1 7
capacity 17.000 box/day
Vacuum pump greasy vacuum
VCarom magazine 1 changing magazine for 3 order boxes
Motor power 0,75 kw
Command control panel internal

Box Closing

KK-047 Type of box closing machines on the line are the full automatic machines closing the boxes on the filled box conveyor coming as filled from the filling robot of ODR-047E and ironing the same.Capacity:36000 boxes/day.

frame part of machine ST 37
Kam system 1050 equipments.
Conveyor part ST 37 and 1050.
Pneumatic organization is Europe